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phosphorus trichloride

Industrial phosphorus trichloride executive standard: HG-T2970-2009



Index (%)

Superior grade

Top grade

Qualified product

phosphorus trichloride content ≥




free phosphorus content ≤




boiling range (74.5℃-77.5℃)/%(volume fraction)≥




orthophosphoric acid content (PO3-4)≤




Molecular formula: PCL3
Molecular weight: 137.33
English name: phosphorus trichloride
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Property: Phosphorus trichloride gas is poisonous with irritation and strong corrosive substance; harmful on skin and environment; having pollution on water
Uses: For manufacturing of pesticide dipterex, phosphorus thiochloride, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorous acid, phosphite ester; also as chlorinating agent, catalyst and solvent
Packing and storage: Industrial phosphorus trichloride should be packed with clean and dry plastic drum, iron drum, tank car and other containers; for plastic drum, barrel head should be in seal; for iron drum, screw cover and gasket should be in seal; tank car should be packed in seal;Industrial phosphorus trichloride should be transported lightly to avoid impact and package damage; and it should be preserved in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; keep it away from fire and heat source and alkaline products.

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